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Product Code: hat
  • Color: pink. It can be made in all the basic colors
  • 100% sheep wool Merino / handmade /
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial and moisture-absorbing properties
  • Regulates body temperature
  • The size may vary by a few centimeters due to the nature of the natural wool to shrink or get stretched
  • Only dry cleaning is recommended


Advantages: Super soft, warm, natural and breathable fabric

Winter is the season when we have to wear a hat to protect against frost, especially when temperatures are too low. Few of us, however, wear hats unwillingly because they often spoil the haircut, electrify hair, cause itching and sweating on the scalp, and lots of other inconveniencies. With our soft, hand-made hat, all these unpleasant sensations will remain in the past and you’ll enjoy the warmth without the need for compromise.

The hat has the standard for winter hats design, but unlike mass-produced fabrics, it is really beautiful and super spectacular. The bulky wool yarn and loose knitting pattern creates an effect that will enchant you and not just that - the hat is made entirely by hand on your order, and this is a fact that adds value to the end result.

The soft, hand-knit hat is made of 100% sheep's Merino wool with a fiber thickness of 22-23 microns. Master craftsmanship, without even minimal defects, along with the excellent properties of this type of wool make the product really different. With this hat your hair will not be electrified, and the haircut will not lose its shape. Itching and sweating of the scalp are also unlikely.

Characteristic of the soft merino wool are its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. If you have a problem with other natural and synthetic fabrics, then with Merino, they will not worry you. It is a natural "breathing" material that allows free air flow, while maintaining body temperature. You no longer need to suffer countless inconveniences to protect yourself from cold and frostbite.

With this incredibly stylish and comfortable Merino hat, you can boldly go out even at extremely cold temperatures. Whether you're in the big city, the mountains or your favorite ski resort, your look will be outstanding, and warmth - your constant companion.

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