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Product Code: collar scarf
  • Color: blue, pink, yellow. It can be made in all the basic colors
  • 100% sheep wool Merino / handmade /
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial and moisture-absorbing properties
  • Regulates body temperature
  • The size may vary by a few centimeters due to the nature of the natural wool to shrink or get stretched
  • Only dry cleaning is recommended

You love soft, hand-knit scarves, but you do not want to face the need to wrap them around your neck in a spectacular way, as well as being annoyed by their constant deployment in motion. With this soft and super fluffy collar scarf you will always have a perfectly wrapped around your neck scarf that will not only warm during the cold months but also add elegance to your attractive look.

Not just an accessory, but a spectacular highlight to your clothing.

The scarf is the accessory that combines the wonderful feature to warm you in cold weather and to complement to the overall look. Of course, not every scarf is as warm and beautiful as our handmade super-fluffy woolen collar scarf. It will be made entirely on your order and woven from a skilled and precise hand from soft merino wool of the highest quality.

The knitting pattern contributes to its incredible volume, but that should not bother you because wearing the fluffy collar will not cause you any discomfort. The incredible softness of the Merino wool is combined with exceptional ease. If you want a soft and warm scarf that does not restrict movements, that's the right decision.

The scarf is suitable for your busy day life in the big city as well as for hiking, outings and sports in nature. If you are a fan of mountain trekking or winter sports, this stylish accessory will perfectly fulfill its purpose. It will make your vision original and unique, while ensuring that you are fully protected from cold, wind and even rain. Merino wool is the only fabric that can heat even when it's wet. With proven antibacterial and thermo regulating properties, Merino collar scarf is the most stylish, convenient and useful accessory you've ever had.

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