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Product Code: blanket
  • Color: Can be made in all basic colors
  • 100% sheep wool Merino / handmade /
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial and moisture-absorbing properties
  • Regulates body temperature
  • The size may vary by a few centimeters due to the nature of the natural wool to shrink or get stretched
  • Only dry cleaning is recommended

Main advantages: Soft, super light, breathable fabric

Want a light, warm and fluffy blanket that is made entirely of natural materials? Our hand-knit Merino blanket is the perfect solution. It has the property to warm you, but without the weight up of standard wool products. It also lacks static electricity as well as the propensity to inflamate the skin - flaws inherent in all synthetic fabrics.

Hand-knitted products have not only a functional but also extremely high aesthetic and sentimental value. Our soft and super light blankets are made entirely by hand, without any traces of defects and imperfections. This soft and warm blanket, as well as our other products, will be made from 100% natural sheep wool Merino to your order in the size and color indicated by you.

The fluffy and incredibly lightweight knitted Merino blanket will give you comfort and warmth. It is the perfect duvet cover for cooler nights, and you can use it not only in the bedroom but also on the sofa or your favorite armchair while watching TV or reading an interesting book. Made of 100% natural material, it is suitable even for small children and pets. Unlike standard wools, the Merino does not irritate  sensitive and delicate skin.

Among the main merits of Merino wool is its ability to maintain optimal body temperature while retaining the heat generated by the body and allowing the skin to breathe. With this soft and super-nice blanket you will never be too warm or cold. It also has excellent antibacterial properties due to lanolin, which is a component of sheep wool. Thanks to this Merino wool feature, the need for frequent cleaning of our blanket is considerably reduced.

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