Welcome to mernoknits.com – the shop where you can find knitted clothes and accessories, but not the ones that we remember from the time of our grandmothers, but fashionable, avant-garde and modern up-to-date knitting trends.   Knitted clothes have never gone out of fashion, but quite often they become a ready-to-wear tedious clothing we all strive to escape from. If you are looking for uniqueness and elegance in clothing, this is what we will surely offer you. 

The beginning 

I created Merno in the beginning of 2017. On a cold January day, when I just happened to find an article about the characteristics of the Merino wool. I was surprised and fascinated by its benefits and by how impressive and extraordinary are products made out of it. It was a real challenge to find this wool, but not long after I finished my first sweater.

When I showed my first work to my friends, they were delighted and so I started to knit for them too. Soon I was so obsessed that this was the only thing I was thinking about - the question that didn’t come out of my mind was: what else to do with this wool? At a given moment  knitting has become my passion and desire to turn it into something bigger, to allow more people to look unique but not at the expense of comfort. 


My family supported me and joined me in this bold venture. Now Merno is the thing that makes me happy and gives me the freedom to express myself and the ideas I have, gives me the opportunity to follow the path I have always dreamed of, namely - my hobby to become my profession. Every item offered in our store is handmade with lots of desire, attention and respect to detail and design to enjoy, warm and caress your senses. 


We are a small team, but we strive to offer you a wide variety of hand-knit Merino products. In our store you can find both fashion items for yourself and your family as well as exquisite knit home accessories. We hope you will enjoy our products just as we enjoy them when we offer them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Yours respectfully:

Tiana K. - Designer and founder